Follow Torrent

Follow and Be Followed by Tweeps in the Torrent

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What is a Follow Torrent?

After logging in, you can see all the other Twitters users currently in the torrent. Tweeps in the torrent can mutually follow one another at the same time to grow more Twitter followers.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's free! We wanted to develop a free system that helps users quickly get more Twitter followers and that's exactly what we did.

How Does It Work?

Request tweeps in the torrent to follow you. If they accept, then you will both follow each other simultaneously. If you accept requests from other tweeps, you will follow each other at the same time.

Are Unfollows Punished?

Tweeps who do a bunch of mutual follows and then mass unfollow degrades our service. We check daily for mass unfollows by our users and anyone guilty is banned from Follow Torrent for life.